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Places to visit in Thailand

At TEFLPlus we believe that Phuket is Thailand’s gem to visit, but there are many other places worth a look. Here’s a shortlist we put together of the better-known places.


Founded around 1350, Ayutthaya became the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai. The Burmese invaded Ayutthaya in 1767 and almost completely burnt the city to the ground. Today, only a few remains give a glimpse of the impressive city this once was.


Bangkok is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities. Created as the Thai capital in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty, Bangkok is a national treasure house and Thailand’s spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic centre. You should try to get there at least once while in Thailand.

Chiang Mai

Founded in 1296 AD, Chiang Mai is a culturally and historically interesting city, at one time the capital of the ancient Lanna kingdom. Chiang Mai’s historical centre is the walled city, sections of which date back to their restoration a few hundred years ago. Inside the remaining city walls are more than 30 temples dating back to the founding of the principality, in a combination of Burmese, Sri Lankan and Lanna Thai styles, decorated with beautiful wood carvings, Naga staircases, leonine and angelic guardians, gilded umbrellas and pagodas laced with gold filigree.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is the capital of Chiang Rai Province in Northern Thailand. The town has a population of around 62,000 and is the main commercial centre serving the Golden Triangle border region of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. It is an excellent base for exploring the region.


Having great natural beauty and variety, Samui is Thailand’s third largest island, and the largest in an archipelago of over 80 (mostly uninhabited) islands which form the Ang Thong National Marine Park, a kayaking and snorkeling paradise


Krabi is a small town of around 18,000 persons. Located just upriver from the coast, it has no beaches and most visitors head straight for Had Yao, Ao Nang or Rai Leh. Nevertheless, Krabi is a relaxed place which is pleasant enough for travellers to spend a night or two and you can certainly better experience Thailand here than in Ao Nang or the other beach resorts.


Pattaya is a popular tourist resort on the gulf coast of eastern Thailand, located around 150 km south-east of Bangkok. Pattaya is most famous for its go-go and beer bars.


Sukhothai is a small city in Lower Northern Thailand, most famous for the ruins of the ancient city. Sukhothai was the first capital city of Siam during the 13th century A.D. founded by King Ramkhamhaeng. The name Sukhothai translates as “the dawn of happiness”.

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