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May 10, 2018

Our April 2018 advancedTEFL trainees are just one day away from completing their 120-hour TEFL certification course at TEFLplus. Everyone has made tremendous progress in the last four weeks, and everyone should be proud of what they have achieved. Wouldn’t

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March 15, 2018

It’s been an incredible 4-week journey to get to this point. Our February 2018 advancedTEFL course is coming to a close, and everyone has made considerable improvements in all aspects of their teaching. We were able to get some pictures

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February 2, 2018

Our January 2018 advancedTEFL trainees are just about through the first week of teaching practice, and the classes have all been exceptional! It is clear that a lot of hard work has been invested in the lesson plans. The teachers

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