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Spending a month or more away from home to attend a full-time 4-week TEFL course in Phuket is not manageable for everyone. If the TEFL course is not already expensive, then the cost of accommodation and living expenses in Thailand will certainly make it so. And you won’t be earning while you’re learning!

The Phuket intro TEFL 1-week TESOL/TEFL certificate program is the perfect solution. In one intensive week of TEFL training we prepare you to embark on your adventure of travelling and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This top-quality training program takes just 35 hours to complete from Monday to Friday, so by the end of the week you’ll have your certificate of attendance and be ready to apply for your first English teaching position. You can also to choose to continue with our 4-week advancedTEFL program and get qualified to teach all over the world.

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All you need to get started in TEFL

The Phuket intro TEFL is an engaging, hands-on TESOL/TEFL English teacher preparation course for those interested in becoming English language teachers. You’ll be introduced to the key skills and techniques needed to become a full-fledged teacher of the English language. The program consists of methodology covering ESL/EFL teaching basics, an English grammar refresher, class observations, and peer-to-peer teaching sessions. You will also have the experience of learning a language in our Thai language and culture lessons.

Start now, finish later

When you complete the Phuket intro TEFL course you will receive a certificate of attendance and personalized transcript detailing your achievements. You can start looking for work, and you’ll have the option of continuing with the 4-week program immediately or at any time within 18 months.

What you will learn

The Phuket intro TEFL course covers core aspects of English teaching methodology. You will learn theories of English language teaching, refresh your grammar skills, observe experienced English teachers in action, and practice teaching with your peers. Our progressive approach, supervised at every stage, ensures your success in this great introductory TEFL course.

TEFL Course structure

The Phuket intro TEFL is conducted over one week from Monday to Friday at our Patong TEFL training centre. In just five days, you’ll learn how to design activities for successful language exchange, manage your classroom, and develop activities based on your students’ proficiency levels. You’ll also learn more about the English language, phonology, teaching vocabulary, and gain an understanding of what life in the classroom is really like during our class observations at our language school.

TEFL session schedule

The Phuket intro TEFL certificate course runs from 9 am until 6 pm most days, with a one hour lunch break between 1 pm and 2 pm. You will have access to our online study portal to give you a head start in your training.

TEFL course assessment

TEFL trainees will receive their certificates of attendance and a course transcript on the final day. The transcript comes with personal comments from your TEFL tutor.

Who is it for?

The Phuket intro TEFL course is the ideal training solution for:

Thailand TEFL graduates

TEFL course entry requirements

The Phuket intro TEFL is open to all nationalities, including non-native speakers. Applicant should be fluent in English and be able to demonstrate the ability to speak and write clearly, explain thoughts and ideas coherently, express opinions and give instructions.

A degree or diploma is not required to participate in this course, although a high school education or equivalent would be advantageous.

Practical requirements

Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the date of entry into Thailand, and you must be able to obtain a police clearance certificate from your home country if you wish to work in certain countries.

The minimum entry age is 18, but persons under the age of 21 should consider carefully their employment prospects given their youth.

You should be in good physical and mental health.

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