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Types of schools in Thailand

Schools in Thailand can be split into the following four types:

State schools

There are thousands of primary and secondary schools throughout Thailand, from small schools in rural villages to schools with more than 2,000 students in larger towns. These are the first place to start looking for work as they all employ foreigners to teach English. Pay is adequate, and terms and conditions are usually good.

Private schools

Larger towns have private primary and secondary schools, many of which offer English programs. Pay is higher than in state schools, but days are longer and contact hours greater.

Language schools

There are language schools in all the larger towns. Some concentrate on the student market, teaching English to schoolchildren. Others teach business English and offer on-site corporate training. Pay is usually by the hour and no holiday pay is accrued. This means if you are not working, you are not earning.

International schools

There are several international schools in Thailand. These are extremely difficult schools for new TEFL graduates to get work in. Pay is much higher, but the required qualifications mean that most people won’t make the grade.

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