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our island – Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and home to the country’s premier international tourist destination, Patong Beach. The island’s charm is that the ocean-facing west coast is lined with a series of bays of white sand beaches between rocky points. This makes for a series of relatively intimate beaches rather than one long unbroken stretch of sand lined with high rise hotels and packed with people. As a developed resort destination, Phuket has a wide variety of sun and surf activities so there’s something here for everyone. TEFL trainees in Phuket are spoiled for choices of entertainment and tours.

our beach – Patong

Patong is Phuket’s most famous beach resort with an incredible mix of activities and super nightlife. Patong is the ideal place to party and play. By night the town has an incredible nightlife, which includes hundreds of restaurants, lounges and beer bars, and of course discos and nightclubs. The nightlife centres around Bangla Road, but there are quieter parts of town. TEFL trainees looking for a weekend party spot don’t have to go far.

We don’t believe there’s a better location for a TEFL course anywhere in the world. Come and see Phuket for yourself!

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