May 5, 2017

Our April 17, 2017, advancedTEFL trainees just completed the third week of their 4-week TEFL course in Patong Beach. This week was primarily focused on practical teaching. All of our teacher-trainees were responsible for planning and conducting their own lessons, and by the end of the week an astounding amount of progress was made. Everyone is getting ready to teach new students next week. All of the trainers and teachers at TEFLplus are excited to observe everyone’s continued success.

patong tefl course - Kayla, Canada, April 17, 2017

Patong TEFL - Erica - April 17 advancedTEFL

Phuket TEFL - Thanda, April 17, 2017 advancedTEFL

Patong Beach TEFL - Shannon, April 17, 2017 advancedTEFL TEFLplus

Patong TEFL course - Tony - April 17, 2017 advancedTEFL

Paige - Phuket TEFL course - advancedTEFL - April 17, 2017

Kerrie - April 17, 2017 TEFL course - Patong Beach, Phuket

Allison - Phuket TEFL course - April 17, 2017 advancedTEFL

Tyler - Patong TEFL - April 17, 2017 advancedTEFL

Zachary - Phuket TEFL course - April 17 advanced 4-week TEFL

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