June 27, 2016

may 30, 2016 advancedTEFL - TEFLplus Patong Beach

The results of our May 30 advancedTEFL course exit survey are in. Once again, we are proud to report that our trainees gave us a 5/5 overall rating! We appreciate all of the feedback that we have received as it helps us to make continual improvements to our TEFL training course in Patong Beach.

What did our trainees have to say about their experience at TEFLplus?

Overall, had a great time, learnt a lot, and met some wonderful people!

The school staff is friendly. The place is clean and professional. Five stars out of five stars.

This language school has the best school staff and teachers.

Phuket TEFL review - TEFLplus Patong Beach - May 30 2016 advancedTEFL

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