September 21, 2015

4_75_star_rating TEFL Thailand reviewThe results of our latest TEFL course exit survey are in! We are proud to report our August 24, 2015 advancedTEFL trainees gave us an overall rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars! What did our trainees have to say about their experience at TEFLplus?

Mr. Klimsh is nothing short of phenominal!!

Overall, really enjoyed the people and staff here. Everyone is wonderful!!

august 24, 2015 advancedTEFL review

We received a lot of excellent, honest feedback on this course and we are always willing to make improvements whenever possible. This is one of the reasons why TEFLplus has earned its mark as one of Thailand’s top TEFL providers. Are you ready to start your new life as an English teacher? Contact us today!

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