August 11, 2015

4_8_star_rating TEFL Thailand reviewOur July 13, 2015 avancedTEFL course trainees completed their 120-hour TEFL course last week, so it has been a quiet week at TEFLplus. We had a look at the results of our anonymous exit survey, and we are extremely happy to report that we received an average overall rating of 4.8/5 stars! Here’s what some of our trainees had to say about their experience at TEFLplus:

Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!

Loved the course. Very impressed and extremely thankful I chose PLS.

Had a fantastic experience. Everyone from the office personnel to the cafeteria workers were helpful and supportive.
P.S. Three cheers for Stefan and Li!

July 13, 2015 advancedTEFL course review of TEFLplus Phuket

We appreciate the kind feedback. Learn why TEFLplus is one of Thailand’s best TEFL programs for yourself. Contact us today.

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