July 2, 2015

4_8_star_rating TEFL Thailand review
The results of our June 1, 2015 advancedTEFL course exit survey are in! We are proud to report that we received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars! What did our trainees have to say about their experience at TEFLplus?

This has been a great course that I have really enjoyed.

Stay sassy, Stefan =)

Overall: Excellent.

I can’t think of any suggestions because the training was absolutely great.

[Kroo] M was the best!

June 1, 2015 advancedTEFL review at TEFLplus phuket

We appreciate the kind, honest feedback that we have received from all of our graduates. It has helped us to further develop our course into what it is today. Learn why TEFLplus is one of Thailand’s top TEFL providers for yourself! Do you have questions about teaching English in Thailand? Ask us here!

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