September 30, 2014

visa card in thailandBanks and credit card companies have been working hard to keep your money safe. When they notice a change in your spending habits, like using your card in a foreign country, your account might be automatically frozen. If your account gets locked, you will have to call your bank to release the hold. Unless your bank’s call center is open 24/7, it could mean hours before you have access to your funds. International calls are a hassle and you’ll spend unnecessary minutes on hold.

You can avoid this altogether by calling your bank and informing them of your travel plans. Usually, you will also have the option to submit a travel notification online, but by calling you will have the opportunity to ask about foreign transaction fees, limits and exchange rates. While you’re at it, ask if your bank has a special number you can call from overseas.

It’s easy to ensure that you always have access to your funds. It just takes a few minutes and taking care of this while you are still at home is much easier than trying to do it abroad.

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