December 25, 2013

All of us at TEFLPlus would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas! Our last TEFL course ended just a couple of weeks ago and with many schools and businesses closed for the holidays, this is a great time to book your TEFL course for 2014.

christmas holiday in phuket

So, what exactly is Christmas like in Thailand? Well, it’s much like any other day. Shopping malls display snow-covered Christmas trees and decorations in the summer-like heat. Some restaurants and bars will adorn a handful of Christmas decorations. All businesses, including banks and government offices, are open and shops will be busy in preparation for the New Year. English teachers may come dressed as Santa Claus prepared with special games and activities for the children.

Christmas popper phket

For those who observe Christmas in Thailand, it is a day of eating, drinking, exchanging gifts, eating and being merry. Expatriates scurry to find all the ingredients for their special meals, and others make due with the local food. Christmas is a time for togetherness and this is definitely true, even in Thailand.

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