November 13, 2013

We’ve been receiving more and more requests from employers around the world to verify our trainees’ TEFL certificates. Of course we’re always happy to oblige. When you apply for a job, the hiring manager will often want to know if you earned your TEFL by completing an on-site course with a practical teaching component of at least six hours.

After you receive your advancedTEFL certificate from TEFLPlus you will have taught over ten classes of your own, learned the essential grammar and acquired sound teaching methods, giving you the skills and confidence you need to teach just about anywhere. Online courses are often cheaper than in person training and you can get a good handle on the theory and grammar, but you will not get any real teaching experience in front of your computer. Specifically, you won’t have the opportunity to practice corrections, manage a classroom or do level assessments; not to mention you won’t get any experience with students from different backgrounds. When you look at the price difference between an on-site course and an online course, which do you think is the better value? Which do you think will better prepare you for your first full day in the classroom?

Because of these differences, we’ve been seeing more and more schools asking for TEFL certificates earned from a 100% on-site course. Could you imagine investing all of the time and money into completing your online TEFL, only to have it rejected? Just a 2-week delay in getting a job might end up costing you more than you “saved.” If you are trying to decide between an online and on-site TEFL, which do you think is the better value?

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