September 18, 2013

Top up your Thai mobile phone, check your balance and more…all from your handset

Becky's Samsung mobileIf you are coming to Thailand for a holiday or you’re planning to move here on a more permanent basis, having a mobile phone is essential. Basic hand sets that can make voice calls and send SMS text messages are very inexpensive (500-600 Baht) and pre-paid service is very cheap as well. You can buy SIM cards and top-up cards to refill your phone credit at any 7-Eleven or Family Mart.

Once you have a phone, and a Thai SIM card, you’re ready to start making and receiving calls. There are several hidden key press codes that you can use to check your balance, subscribe to Internet packages and change promotions. Here are a few of the most common phone codes for the three most popular service providers in Thailand.

  AIS / One-2-Call DTAC / Happy Truemove H
Get phone number *545# [send] *102*9# [send] *833# [send]
Check balance *121# [send] *101*9# [send] #123# [send]
Check Internet credit *121# [send]
(follow prompts)
*101*4*9# [send]
Add credit *120*top_up_code# [send] *100*top_up_code# [send] *123*top_up_code# [send]
Contact customer service 1175 [send] 1678 [send] 1331 [send]
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