August 9, 2012

What happens after our trainees complete their TEFL training at TEFLPlus? We recently caught up with Matt and Charlie to find out what they’ve been doing since earning their advancedTEFL certificates back in 2006.

Matt and Charlie are husband and wife from England who have spent the last five years living and teaching English in Aichi-ken, Japan. They have both been working at an ‘eikaiwa’ which is an English conversation school and taught students of all ages from 1 year up to 75 years old. Many weekends and days off were spent surfing, snowboarding, camping and hiking, and they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of living and teaching English in Japan.

Matt and Charlie enjoying Japan after taking a TEFL course at TEFLPlus, Phuket TEFLPlus alumni Matt and Charlie at Lake Suwa, Japan

Teaching abroad has been an exciting and enriching experience, and we have met so many people from different walks of life and learnt so much from our students too. -Matt

They have both travelled extensively through Asia and Africa but doing the TEFL really gave them an insight into Japan’s culture and people which you can only get from living and working in a foreign country. Matt says, “It really helps your teaching skills evolve and opens the doors to many opportunities for the future. Without it we would never have been able to do what we are doing now.”

So, after five exciting years in Japan, what is this adventuresome duo up to now? Matt and Charlie have decided to move back to England and start their own homestay business with the aim to fuse language learning and seeing the ‘real England’ into one package. Located in the beautiful Cotswolds region, Matt and Charlie’s duly dubbed England Cultural Homestay will be opening and accepting guests from March 2013.

Two types of courses are on offer. The sightseeing course is designed for those who want to experience England in a home environment and also want to visit some of England’s top attractions. This course has no formal classes but visitors will improve their English greatly putting everyday English into practise. The other option is the English course which can be personally crafted to target individual needs. You can study as little or as often as you please or even choose not to study at all. Your everyday English will improve considerably being in the ‘total immersion’ friendly home environment. Matt and Charlie’s vision for England Cultural Homestay comprises of two main parts: improving visitors’ English skills, and as equally important to them is to introduce tourists to the amazing sights and customs England has to offer.

East Banqueting Wool Church Chipping Campden - English Cultural Homestay Big Ben - English Cultural Homestay Badgernet Snowdonia - English Cultural Homestay

If you want to study, rest, relax, learn to cook British food, indulge in delicious high tea and scones, go to the pub, go hiking or just explore England, please visit England Cultural Homestay’s website for cost and full details available in many languages. Or, if you have any questions or concerns, just send an email to Matt and Charlie and they will assist you with making a plan that is perfect for your visit.

English Cultural Homestay - Cotswolds, England

Matt and Charlie hope to see you in England very soon!

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