June 7, 2012

Teaching English as a foreign language to young learners can be a rewarding and fun endeavor that many come to Thailand to experience. Playing word games and singing songs are just some of the tools that teachers use for students at this level. Many schools implement their own lesson plans, but even experienced teachers may need a few new ideas now and again.

There are many free teaching resources on the Internet at your disposal. Some are good and others are great like esl-kids.com. You can download flashcards, worksheets and games for just about any subject (animals, jobs, shapes, etc.) instantly for free. Memorize a couple of games and you’ll be able to fill up the last ten minutes of your class with a fun activity. Can’t remember all of the words to the Hokey Pokey? Just go to the songs page.

ESL kids lesson plans, games and worksheets for TEFL

If you’re currently teaching at a primary or kindergarten you can search for some new ideas to bolster your lesson plan. Or, if you are just thinking of getting your TEFL certification, and you plan to teach children, you can get an idea of what your future holds.

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