June 27, 2012

Thailand’s extensive public transportation network makes it an extremely easy country to get around in even for the most inexperienced traveler. Taxis, Thailand Songtaew on the way to TEFLPlus Phukettuk-tuks, buses and songtaews (converted pickups with bench seats) can get you to just about anywhere you want to go. Also, Bangkok’s timely BTS (above ground) and MTR (underground) rail systems help you to avoid the gridlock of cars and motorbikes on the capital’s infamous surface streets.

For longer trips, you have many options as well. Intercity buses are very popular with the locals and run throughout the night. Tickets are inexpensive; a one-way ticket from Bangkok to Phuket can be had for as little as 600 Baht. Trains are nice alternatives to buses (more leg room!) but the destinations are limited and arrival times can be inconsistent. But, if you’re looking for the fastest way to get from city to city, nothing is better than using one of Thailand’s discount airlines.

There are four main discount airlines offering inexpensive flights within Thailand: Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Air Asia and Orient Thai. Air Asia and Bangkok Air fly out of Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). Orient Thai and Nok Air fly out of Don Muang Airport about 45 minutes away by taxi. Each airline has its own list of stops but most fly to the major destinations such as Phuket International Airport (HKT). Regular prices for one-way tickets can be very competitive with bus and train tickets, so it’s always worth checking all of the airlines for promotions when planning your trip. Out of all of the airlines listed, Air Asia has the least generous luggage allowance, so be sure to check the weight of your bags carefully before you purchase your ticket.

After you have enrolled in your TEFL course at TEFLPlus and your ticket has been booked, just sit back and relax. Most flights within Thailand are two hours or less.

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