May 24, 2012

English teachers who get certified at TEFLPlus can go on to each any age student anywhere in the world. With the experience that you gain from our instructors, you’ll have the confidence to get that teaching job you’ve always wanted.

Many who decide to teach abroad envision teaching young children at a primary school establishing themselves in a community halfway around the world. Ask any teacher who teaches young children today, and they’ll probably say that they wouldn’t change a thing.

Teaching children differs in many ways from teaching older learners. Lessons are often broken into short pieces so that students’ attention remains focused. Classes are often shorter, there’s a mandatory nap time, and don’t forget about the games.

“Shiri Tori” is a popular Japanese game that doesn’t require any props, boards or computers. Everyone sits in a circle, and the teacher starts it off by saying a word. Moving clockwise or counter-clockwise the next student say a word that begins with the last letter of the word just spoken.

For example:
Teacher: watch
Student 1: helmet
Student 2: tired
Student 3: (must say a word starting with “d”)

Words cannot be repeated so everyone needs to keep track. Additional rules such as all words must be at least four letters can also be added to increase the difficulty.

It’s quite easy to learn, and a lot of fun to play!

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