May 1, 2012

Our four-week advancedTEFL course includes a Thai language and culture module giving you the experience of being a language student and covers some of the “do”s and “don’t”s in Thailand. This course is just a taster, and many end up continuing their Thai lessons at our school, Patong Language School, in one of the various programs offered.

Most start off in our two-week Foundation course which covers the basics. Students start speaking on the very first day in this course designed for the complete beginner. Even those with some knowledge of Thai find this course beneficial because of its progressive structure.

Successful completion of the Foundation course builds a strong base which students may continue to build upon in either our Easy Going Thai or Intensive Thai courses.

Easy Going Thai is an ongoing course and classes can be joined at any time throughout the year. A new subject is introduced every week so there are no other prerequisites to this course other than our Foundation course. Some subjects covered in this course are: at the bank, at immigration and prepositions of place. Those new to Thailand will no doubt find something useful in our Easy Going Thai language course.

For those wishing to make Thailand their new home, a few weeks in our Intensive Thai Course opens up a new world of endless possibilities. Unlike our Easy Going Thai course, the Intensive Thai course is separated into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Four hours per day, five days per week, students are involved in grammar, vocabulary building, speaking and listening exercises. If your goal is to learn Thai in a short time with a proven method, the Thai Intensive Course is for you.

If you’re considering taking your TEFL certification course at TEFLPlus, invest a little more time before or after your course and pick up some Thai as well. Think of all of the situations where a minimal amount of Thai will be useful, especially if you plan to live and work in Thailand. There are courses designed for everyone. To see which course may best fit you go to

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