February 1, 2012

Where’s the best place to buy your ticket to Thailand? Those interested in taking our TEFL teacher training program at TEFLPlus ask this question on a daily basis, and the truth is there is no one answer to this question. There are two things to consider when buying your ticket: price and flexibility, and the two rarely come hand in hand. There are three popular places one considers when looking for a ticket to Asia: online discount websites such as Expedia.com or Orbitz.com, buying direct from the carrier’s website and your local travel agent.

If cost is the biggest concern, it’s best to check prices from all sources, and don’t forget about airport taxes! Start off by getting the prices online from the discount websites and comparing them with the prices offered on the carrier’s websites. Once you find the best price, contact your local travel agent who specializes in flights to Asia and see if he can’t beat it.

If you’d like to keep an open return date or fly “open jaws” your best bet is to try a travel agent or book on the carrier’s website directly. Pay extra attention to the fine print and note any rescheduling fees.

Flying directly to Phuket (airport code: HKT) is generally more expensive compared to touching down in Bangkok (airport code: BKK). Domestic flights on Air Asia, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Nok Air run daily. One-way tickets from Bangkok to Phuket usually cost around US $40-80 when bought well in advance. The cost of domestic flights should be calculated in your final cost when deciding where you fly into.

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