February 23, 2012

Travel websites such as tripadvisor.com have become an increasingly popular to find the best hotels, restaurants and bars when travelling abroad. First-hand reviews of anything and everything are updated in near real time allowing backpackers, tourists and travellers to find the best of the best and hopefully avoid the worst.

Two websites, teflcoursereview.com and learn4good.com, are the go-to resources for future English as a second language teachers to find the perfect TEFL course. Many of our past trainees have been kind enough to leave reviews of our TEFL course in Patong, and we’re proud to say that the overall consensus of TEFLPlus has been excellent.

If you are interested in finding the best TEFL course in Thailand, you can read one of the 100+ reviews of TEFLPLus on teflcoursereview.com and learn4good.com.

If you’ve already completed your English teacher training, take a couple of minutes to write a review and tell others about your experience at TEFLPlus.

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