January 19, 2012

Every day around 3pm the coconut ice cream van drives down Soi Aroonsom past our school in Patong. The unmistakable midi rendition of Beethoven’s Für Elise can be heard just as the van turns the corner from the main road. On a hot day, freshly made coconut ice cream sure hits the spot and people of all ages can be seen flocking to the purple lunchbox-shaped mini-minivan on its daily route as it idles around Patong.

enjoy coconut ice cream between classes at tefl plus in phuket, thailand

There’s only one thing on the menu: refreshing, cool, coconut ice cream. You can opt to enjoy it in a cup, a cone or a hot dog-style bun. OK, its probably just a hot dog bun, but this is by far the best way to enjoy this 20 Baht treat. What you’ll get is a bun layered with a bed of sticky rice and three scoops of fresh coconut ice cream straight from the machine all topped with toasted peanuts. A little salty, a little sweet and 100% delicious. You can attack your pastry packaged delight with the provided spoon or just bite right in.

This is only one of the many interesting things you get to see and taste in Thailand. If you’re interested in enrolling in a TEFL course in Phuket to become a certified ESL teacher, contact us today and we’ll let you know when the ice cream truck comes around next.

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