October 24, 2011

Almost exactly one month after completing their TEFL and Thai language courses at Patong Language School and TEFLPlus, Kelsey and Wes have moved up to Chiang Mai where they have recently secured teaching jobs at Anubaan Chiang Mai School and Chiang Mai Technical College. A lot has gone on since they first arrived in Phuket, and we’re all very happy to see how well things have turned out. Leaving the white sand beaches of Phuket for the cultural hub of the North has been quite an experience. You too can read about their endeavors in their blog, the KWExperience – Quest to the Far East.

All of us at TEFLPlus and Patong Language School would like to offer a big congratulations to Kelsey and Wes for their new jobs. We wish them the best of luck in the future, and hope for their continued success in Chiang Mai. Everyone should have a look at the KWExperience to get an inside view of what it’s like to teach English abroad and get a teaching job in Thailand.

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