May 3, 2011

During your TEFL teacher training course at TEFLPlus, you will be able to take advantage of our central location to experience one of the many exciting day-long excursions on offer at your local tour office. When you feel like taking a break from the beautiful tropical island of Phuket, its easy to hop in a minibus or boat to visit one of Phuket’s neighboring provinces.

Picturesque Phang Nga Bay is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, towering limestone cliffs, magical caves and mysterious mangroves. There’s so much to see and do in Phuket’s northern neighbor only 30 minutes by car from our TEFL Plus training center in Patong, Phuket. Several tours depart daily where you can see the famous James Bond Island, go kayaking through seemingly impassable limestone formations, and explore the floating village on Sea Gypsy Island. You can also go snorkeling off one of the many beaches, or just lay in the sun on the beautiful white sand.

Another option is to hire a long tail boat and have your own personal tour guide. Cruise through the muddy mangroves from the National Park Pier to the center of Phang Nga Bay. The long tail boat drivers are expert navigators and can show you places that you would never see on a package tour.

Feel like a cruise instead? Float through stunning Phang Nga bay on one of the various Chinese junk boats and see the sunset, hearing only the flapping of the sails as the wind takes you away.

Starting around 650 baht (US $22) per person, all inclusive half-day tours are a bargain. Phang Nga Bay is only one of the many remarkable places to see around Phuket which you are sure to remember.

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