October 27, 2010

We find that most people who attend our TEFL course in Patong Beach, Phuket, have a very good reason for having made the decision to change their lives. Common answers to this question we always ask are ‘I’m taking a gap year and need to make some money too’, or ‘I was made redundant and there were no jobs back home’, to the regular ‘I came here on holiday and loved it so much I had to come back’.

But once in a while we get an answer that is either downright funny or simply scary. We put the question to a heavily-tattooed young lady named Mandy recently and she claimed she was ‘following an ex around asia’. Apparently, after planning to do the whole TEFL and teaching in Thailand bit together, he had dumped her and gone off to do exactly that with someone new. Not so easily put off, Mandy had decided to follow him and make his life hell. Good luck to her, but our thoughts go out to him …

MaryAnn (another American for whom one name is not enough) told us she had been out to a party with friends when the subject of teaching abroad had come up. Having had a few drinks, she quite happily agreed to book a TEFL course along with a girlfriend. On sobering up the next morning she realised she had paid a not-insignificant non-refundable deposit. Never one to look back, she quit her job and took the course. Her ‘friend’ never did turn up. Although it was a spontaneous decision that brought her to Thailand, she insists she has no regrets and is sure it was what she wanted to do deep down, but hadn’t got the nerve to take the plunge when sober.

We’re not suggesting you get drunk before booking a course, but you won’t be the first or the last to do it for other than a regular reason. Hope to see you in Phuket soon!

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