August 11, 2010

Taking a TEFL course isn’t just about getting qualified to teach English. It’s about opening up new horizons, and far wider than the horizon you’re used to!

Your TEFL certificate gives you the chance to see the world, experience foreign cultures, get to grips with a new way of life, and even find out things you didn’t know about yourself!

Graduates of the advanced TEFL course offered by TEFLPlus in Phuket have gone on to work on every continent. Whilst many choose to stay on in Thailand, a good number have clear goals in mind before taking the course. Here are some of their stories:

[fancy_titled_box title=”Mike Graham – Canada – April 2008 graduate”]
I chose the TEFLPlus advanced TEFL course because I wanted to have a holiday in Thailand and see some of south east asia before going on to work in Taiwan. My brother did a TEFL course straight out of uni and went on to teach in Taiwan, and his experiences inspired me to do the same – at least for a start. I had a great time in Phuket and made some lasting friendships. After travelling around Cambodia and Vietnam I moved in with my brother to start looking for work. I found that getting a job in Taiwan is not difficult, and had a couple of good offers inside the first week. Most prospective employers expected me to teach a ‘sample’ class to see how I would preform, and my TEFL training really helped out there. I eventually took a job in a secondary school where I teach classes of around 25 students. I’ve now been doing this for two years and can see myself staying a bit longer yet. Where next? Haven’t thought about it yet!
[fancy_titled_box title=”Angela Mackenzie – UK – July 2007 graduate”]
I had been made redundant from my job in Manchester and wasn’t having much success finding a new one. With the employment market as bad as it was, I decided to try my hand at something altogether new. I found there was a bewildering number of TEFL courses on offer and really didn’t have a destination in mind. Somebody advised me to break it down by choosing a destination where I’d like to work, then choosing a TEFL course offered in that country. Thailand seemed as good a place as any and I’d heard there were always schools looking for teachers – so Thailand it was! The course was an eye-opener, as I hadn’t done any kind of training for more than a decade. I got through it though, and TEFLPlus helped me oiut with suggestions and advice on finding work as an English teacher in Thailand. I got a number of offers, but took a position at a primary school in Nonthaburi. I love the school and the kids and will stay until I retire if they’ll let me!
[fancy_titled_box title=”Steve Cross -USA – August 2006 graduate”]
My English teaching career has been extremely varied so far, but that was exactly what I was looking for. Immediately after the course with TEFLPlus I set off for Indonesia, where I took a job with English First in Jakarta. The city was a bit overwhelming, so I moved on after seven months to Cambodia. That offered a lot less than I expected except for a frequently upset stomach! Next step was Taiwan where I lasted for nearly a full school year. The classes and schools there were far more organised, but I prefer something a bit more laid back. After a short holiday back in the states I headed south to Peru. I helped out as a TEFL trainer’s assistant for a few courses over a six month period, then landed a job in a large private secondary school in a major city. So far this has been exactly the experience I had hoped for when I set out to teach English, and I’m still here in 2010! Don’t know where I’ll be going next …
[fancy_titled_box title=”Tess Cummins – South Africa – September 2009 graduate”]
Hi everyone at TEFLPlus! I’m so glad you got in touch to ask me about my experiences! I’ve been working at a small school in China ever since I finished the course in Phuket. I live in a town in the northeast of China near Tianjin (great for weekends!) and teach English to classes of 10 and 11 year olds in a privately owned school. I’ve loved every minute of the experience so far and hope to continue teaching English for another couple of years before heading home. Your course made this possible and I can’t thank you all enough for the great training and support I received.

What about you? Where is your dream destination? Take a TEFL course in Phuket with TEFLPlus and begin your own teaching adventure.

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