August 10, 2010

In this post we want to give you a look at who makes your TEFL course a success. This month the spotlight is on our school manager, Khun Bebe.

I have managed Patong Language School since 1997 and TEFLPlus since 2004. As manager I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and to make sure our trainees are provided with the very best service possible. To do this I rely heavily on my three administrative staff and our trainers.

My staff are all professionals, making my job that much easier. Ensuring the TEFL trainees are happy is really our mission here at TEFLPlus and I’m excited to serve each and every day. I’m proud of my team at TEFLPlus and the quality of product they deliver every course!

I look forward to you joining us for a TEFL course in Phuket very soon.

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